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Fauci still plans to get Covid-19 vaccine in the next few days

Shawn Hendricks, a Maryland health care worker, speaks during an interview on December 15. CNN via Webex Cisco

Shawn Hendricks, a Maryland health care worker, always knew she wanted to get vaccinated. Her mother, brother and brother-in-law had already caught the virus, so “it hit home personally,” but work had also shown her the impact of coronavirus.

“I’ve seen enough death and dying within the hospital,” she told CNN.

Hendricks, nursing director of medicine, was the among the first employees at University of Maryland Medical Center to get vaccinated.

“I knew the impact that the vaccine would have because we need it. I always have felt very strongly that if we don’t widely vaccinate, this pandemic is going to get worse, the numbers are going to continue to increase,” she said Tuesday.

She says she felt good after getting her shot, and she was observed for a period of time to ensure she had no side effects or adverse effects.

The vaccine is being rolled out while there has been hesitancy in the Black and Latino community to take it. Hendricks says she understands their concern, but having dedicated her life to science and medicine and having done her research, she was willing to get vaccinated.

“I urge, you know, members of our Black community to become vaccinated. We are three times more likely to be affected with Covid than any other ethnic group. So it would only behoove us to be smart about it.”

She added:

“Unfortunately, if it hasn’t hit your doorstep yet, it’s like a game of Russian roulette. You’re just waiting for your turn.”



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