Fourth Championship Win Definitively Proves LeBron James Is An Active NBA Player

KISSIMMEE, FL—Cementing his place as being part of the annals of basketball history, league sources confirmed Friday that LeBron James capturing his fourth championship definitively proved that he is an active NBA player. “I don’t know how you look at LeBron’s body of work and deny that he’s in the elite club of people who have played basketball professionally,” said Washington Post NBA writer Ben Golliver, who compared James to the likes of Tim Duncan, Sidney Moncrief, and Greg Ostertag as men who have logged minutes for NBA teams. “He was already an active player before the title, but it’s clear now that he ranks right up there with Jordan alphabetically. We’re talking about a cherished member of the NBA Players Association. By the time he retires, there’ll be no doubt that LeBron was the G.O.A.T—a guy on a team.” At press time, Golliver credited James as top-three on the list of games played by an active player.


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