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GP surgery confused for ‘hot and sexy’ sauna club in phone number mix-up

A GP surgery got confused with a massage parlour in a strange number mishap (Picture: Aspen Medical Centre)

A GP surgery has confused patients after a bizarre mix-up with their phone number made calls from them display as being from an adult entertainment venue.

Aspen Medical Centre in Gloucester told Twitter followers on Tuesday that if they’ve received any unexpected calls from Liaisons Sauna Club in Rochdale, it is likely to be from them, blaming a ‘persistent error with the UK telephone system’.

As the strange mishap occurred during this week’s heatwave, the clinic treated the mishap with good humour.

They wrote: ‘It’s HOT! In fact, it’s hotter than a sauna club in Rochdale. Incidentally, if you get a telephone phone call from “Liaison Sauna Club”, PLEASE ANSWER because it’s Aspen Medical Practice trying to call you. It’s a long story. Just trust us in this one. We are NOT a Sauna Club.’

As of yet, the sauna club, which describes itself on Facebook as a ‘hot and sexy’ adult entertainment venue, has not addressed the mix-up.

Its last social media post was in 2017 when it advertised a Valentine’s Day event with ‘lashings of lust’ – and boasted of ‘sensual playrooms fitted with huge beds for group fun’.

Many have responded to the medical practice’s tweet by poking fun at the prospect of receiving calls from the massage parlour.

One said: ‘I’m waiting on a call from the sauna. Will it show up as Aspen Medical Practice?’.

Another joked: ‘This could get some husbands/wives in trouble when they look at the caller ID.’

According to the doctors’ office, the mishaps started happening two years ago when they switched to a new system.

The surgery also tweeted: ‘Other than causing periodic embarrassment and few laughs at our expense, it might explain why it feels that a lot of our calls go unanswered by patients who’ve asked us to call them.

‘This does cost us time, which is not welcome at a time of considerable demand pressure!’

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