Houston Authorities Scramble As Missing Tiger Disappears Into Crowd Of Tigers

HOUSTON, TX—Warning that the escaped animal was highly intelligent and a master of deceit, Houston authorities scrambled Friday when a missing tiger named India disappeared into a crowd of tigers. “After four days straight of searching for a loose bengal tiger, our search efforts hit a snag today when he cut across a cul de sac, hid behind a car, and ultimately slipped into a pack of over 100 tigers,” said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, adding that officers momentarily had visuals on the 9-month old feline and were seconds from shooting him with a tranquilizer gun before he turned around, hissed, and was immediately obscured by several other identical-looking big cats. “While we sent several officers on foot into the streak of tigers, the escaped feline was ultimately able to use his black-and-orange stripes to camouflage himself and sneak away. If anyone has any information on where this dangerous animal could currently be hiding, we urge you to come forward.” At press time, Police Chief Finner announced he had successfully apprehended the tiger and placed it with animal control, only to be informed he had captured the wrong cat.


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