Hurry Up! The First 100 OGE Attendees To Stop By The Nintendo Booth Today Will Get A Free Sample Of What Pikmin Taste Like

With thousands flocking through the doors at the Zweibel Convention Center to attend our first-ever Onion Gamer Expo, some of the best swag is going and going fast. But we’re about to give you an inside scoop on one of the coolest offers of the whole conference: The first 100 OGE attendees to stop by the Nintendo Booth today will get a free sample of what Pikmin really taste like!

Hurry up! This is a deal that’s too good to miss!

We’re talking Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Rock and Flying Pikmin, sliced up and ready for your enjoyment! So drop whatever you’re doing and come on by the Nintendo Gaming Experience to get an absolutely free, no-questions-asked sample. And if you’re worried about trying such an exotic cut of meat, don’t worry! These are flame-grilled, beautifully seasoned, and butchered into perfectly bite-sized cubes, so you won’t even imagine a Pikmin’s cute little face while you’re chowing down.

Admittedly, there’s a certain crunch to the Pikmin meat that might be a bit unnerving if this is your first time. That’s from their tiny bones and inner tendons, which aren’t removed in most traditional preparations. After you understand that, you’ll realize those crunchier and chewier components actually lend a nice textural component. And the meat’s flavor? It has this sweet and savory mix that you’ve got to experience for yourself to believe.

If you want to get really adventurous, there are also a few Bulbmin samples, too. But watch out! One out of every hundred preparations is supposed to be poisonous.

As an added incentive, the Nintendo employees are also providing wine pairings for the first 50 attendees. That really helps wash down the gamier taste of these half-plant, half-animal bites. They’re also offering complimentary silk cloths to cover your face if you want to avoid offending God with this culinary trespass against the laws of nature. Just remember, they’re flying off the sample tray, so get on over here for your own bite of these little critters as soon as you can!


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