Man Leaves Comments Section He’s Having Argument In To Quickly Skim Article For Supporting Facts

LUBBOCK, TX—In an effort to find evidence he lacked to validate his claim, local man Will Kunz left the comments section he was having an argument in Tuesday to quickly skim an article for supporting facts. “Oh my God, I can’t wait to teach this dipshit a thing or two about abortion rights in this country,” said Kunz, as he clicked out of Facebook to furiously scan the Wikipedia entry for Roe v. Wade and a Quora thread explaining the Ninth Amendment for evidence supporting his case, making sure to ignore any information that conflicted with his original position. “He’s going to feel so stupid when he finds out what [I just learned myself from a cursory Google search]. I mean, the facts [that I not only had never been aware of up until this moment but had never even considered] are indisputable.” At press time, Kunz decided to save some time by directly copying and pasting the text of the article into the comments field.


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