Neighbors Remember Shooter As Regular Guy Who Loved Unhinged Exterminationist Rhetoric

HUDSON, VA—In the aftermath of a mass shooting that left two people dead and several others badly injured, neighbors reportedly remembered shooter Duane Simmons Tyler Wednesday as a regular guy who loved unhinged exterminationist rhetoric. “It’s so tragic hearing about what Duane did when we all knew him as this decent neighbor who kept his property clean and often expressed a desire to eradicate Muslims and Jews from the face of the earth,” said neighbor Payton Landry, who added that he had attended a delightful barbecue where Tyler had held forth on the Great Replacement theory about a month before the shooting. “I mean, Duane was just a regular guy with a wife, a stockpile of guns, and two kids who he loved more than anything in the world because they would help challenge the attempt by people of non-European descent to eliminate the white race. He was pretty active in the community as the assistant coach of his son’s T-ball team and on Facebook proclaiming that anyone with left-wing beliefs should be shot on sight.” Neighbors added that the mass shooting led them to ask themselves why he’d do something like that and whether there were any warning signs they could have picked up on to stop the tragedy.


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