Pence Instinctively Addresses Harris’ Husband In Audience During Debate Responses

SALT LAKE CITY—As he made direct eye contact with the man sitting in the audience nearly 30 feet away, Vice President Mike Pence appeared to instinctively address his responses to Sen. Kamala Harris’ husband during Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate. “Excuse me, sir, but I take objection to your wife’s characterization of this administration’s priorities,” Pence said as he turned away from his opponent and pointed a finger at her spouse, entertainment lawyer Doug Emhoff, claiming that the policies he allowed his wife to support would be disastrous for the country. “Could you please explain to her that my experience as chair of the president’s Coronavirus Task Force gives me a far greater grasp of healthcare issues? To be honest, I’m not sure why you are letting her talk to me like this, in such contrary tones. It might be easier if you could just address me directly.” Pence later chastised Harris for interrupting her husband during his response.


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