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President Trump spooked by coronavirus diagnosis, source says

Former President Barack Obama gave his “best wishes” to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump as they were diagnosed with Covid-19, during a virtual fundraiser with Kamala Harris for the Biden-Harris campaign.

“Let me start by the way, by just stating that we’re in the midst of a big political fight. And we take that very seriously. We also want to extend our best wishes, to Trump and Melania,” he said.

“Michelle and I are hopeful that they and others who have been affected by COVID-19 around the country are getting the care that they need, that they are going to be on the path to a speedy recovery,” Obama said.

“And it’s important I think for all of us to remember that even when we’re in the midst of big political battles with issues that have a lot at stake, that we’re all Americans, and we’re all human beings,” he added, “hoping that we can all be healthy.”


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