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Does your cat love climbing onto your laptop and being a cute distraction during the work day? You’re not alone. One TikTok user discovered how cats love to mirror their owners, which explains why yours might love plopping themselves directly onto your workspace. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for those who don’t have the heart to move them away — all you have to do is give your cat their own laptop. This savvy hack has quickly become a TikTok trend among cat owners.

It’s been widely shared using the hashtag #LaptopCat, where owners occupy their cat with a separate computer just for them so you can work in peace. While some lucky people seem to have an extra computer on hand, others have had to get creative. Whether it be buying their cat a fake computer or creating a makeshift laptop with things laying around the house, the results are hilariously adorable. If anything, it’s also proof that giving your cat their own work-from-home setup can be a practical solution that helps to keep mirroring cats at bay.

Here are 19 of the best #LaptopCat videos on TikTok.

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