Travis Scott Pissed McDonald’s Never Sent Him Coupon Or Anything For Free Travis Scott Meal

LOS ANGELES—Expressing confusion as to why no one from the fast food chain ever reached out, rap artist Travis Scott was reportedly pissed Thursday that McDonald’s never sent him a coupon or anything for a free Travis Scott meal. “I worked for hours with McDonald’s planning the rollout of this thing, so I figured they’d at least let me have some free fries,” said Scott, who scanned his contract for any mention of a discounted Quarter Pounder, as well as double-checked his email to make sure a message from executives hadn’t gotten lost in his spam. “Like, was I supposed to invoice them? I sent a direct message to their Twitter account asking if I could get a free small Sprite, but no one ever responded. If it’s ‘my’ meal, then why didn’t I ever get to try it? And now that it’s not on sale anymore, I’ll never get to. Damn. This is not lit.” At press time, Scott was even angrier after seeing a post from artist J Balvin on social media thanking McDonald’s for providing him with free J Balvin meals for a year.


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