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Trump plans to participate in the next debate, his campaign spokesperson says

President Trump’s advisers urged Trump not to check out of the hospital as recently as this morning, a source close to the White House tells CNN.

Even as Trump has told aides he feels better and is agitating to get out of the hospital, aides have encouraged Trump to stay, warning him of the bad optics if his condition were to worsen again requiring a second hospitalization.

“You don’t wanna come back,” is the message that’s been relayed to the President, this source said.

If Trump gets worse after returning to the White House, this source said: “That would be bad.”

“Bottom line is you can have good days and bad days. You could fool yourself into thinking you’re feeling better and you’re not,” the source said.

Trump tweeted Monday afternoon that he was leaving Walter Reed medical center at 6:30 p.m. ET and the White House press office confirmed he will be returning to the White House. 


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