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Trump tweets from Walter Reed: “Going well, I think!”

On Thursday, President Trump flew to New Jersey for a fundraiser — with the White House already aware of Hope Hicks’ diagnosis.

In New Jersey, Trump attended three events: an indoor roundtable, an indoor VIP reception and an outdoor reception, according to an event invitation obtained by CNN. 

Attendees took photos with Trump: Attendees from Texas said they were tested for coronavirus before arriving at the VIP reception, where they took their photo with the President. They said each individually conversed with Trump for less than a minute while the photo was taken, and maintained six feet of distance.

Attendees at the VIP reception did not wear masks, they said, but event staff did.

The roundtable attended by the President was for the fundraisers’ biggest donors, according to the invitation. 

Both indoors and outdoors: CNN has previously reported, citing two different sources, that the roundtable included 18 attendees, was held indoors at socially distanced tables, and no one wore masks.

One source also said those at the roundtable were tested ahead of time. 

The outdoor reception was open to all donors. Katherine Hermes told CNN that Trump stood at a podium, socially distant from the attendees, and held a question-and-answer session.

She and the Texas attendees say they were kept in two groups, separated by barricades.

The group closer to the President had been tested for coronavirus. Hermes’ group, which was present for the outdoor reception, only received temperature checks and was kept further away.

The two groups didn’t mingle and most attendees were not wearing masks, according to Hermes and the Texas attendees.


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