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Two bear cubs fighting caught on doorbell camera

The two bear cubs were caught on camera (Picture: Kennedy News & Media)

Doorbell cameras are helpful to work out if you want to go outside to answer.

Usually it will be a postman delivering a parcel or a friend arriving – but sometimes you see something you’d rather not.

Imagine how one family felt to see two bear cubs fighting on their welcome mat, and their ‘huge’ mother climbing the porch steps.

Pedro Rosas was at home with his wife and three kids in South Lake Tahoe, California, on Saturday when he heard noises on his doorstep.

Worried he had interrupted a break-in, the 45-year-old waiter quickly checked his security cameras for the source.

Pedro was shocked when footage showed two cubs running past his SUV and up the wooden steps before having a stand-off on his welcome mat.

Rearing up on their hind legs, the youngsters battled briefly with one even pushing its sibling down the stairs.

As they continued to paw at each other, the bears’ mum appeared, climbed the porch steps and bustled between the quarrelling duo before continuing on her way.

After their mum had wandered off, the pair continued to scrap before one of the bears appeared to make an attempt at getting into the house by scratching at the door before scampering off.

Pedro said: ‘I heard noises right outside our door and at first was worried people were trying to get in.

They were caught on camera (Picture: Kennedy News & Media)

‘When we checked our security cameras to see where the sounds were coming from I was stunned to see the two bears fighting right there on our doormat.

‘Bears often come near our house since we live very close to the mountains, but we’ve never had them so close to our front door like this.

‘It’s usually the mum and the cubs or other times just the mum but these siblings seem to always have fun and mess around with each other.

‘After I saw the video I thought it was very cute and funny because they still continued to play after the mum passed right through them, and it seemed like they didn’t care and continued to have fun.

‘The babies were about three foot tall but the mum is just a huge bear!’

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