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Walter Reed attending physician slams Trump motorcade photo op: “The irresponsibility is astounding”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the national security team which briefed President Trump today made sure that the President, who received the briefing from Walter Reed medical center because he is sick with Covid-19, was up to speed on a wide range of national security issues.

“We made sure the that President is fully up to speed on all the things happening around the world,” Pompeo told the traveling press before he boarded his flight to Japan on Sunday evening.

“I’ve been working for this President for almost four years,” Pompeo said. “This is a team that is mature and capable. We are fully prepared for all of the possibilities that may take place.”

When Pompeo said the Trump national security team is prepared for all possibilities, it is unclear if he was referencing possibilities related to Trump’s health or possibilities related to national security issues.

Pompeo would also not say which precise national security issue was discussed, but said he got some guidance for his trip to Japan to meet with Australian, Japanese and Indian leaders.

Pompeo described Trump as being in a “great mood” on the phone today.

“He was direct and candid with me as he always is,” Pompeo said.

Some more context: Pompeo’s trip to Asia – which is now only a trip to Japan – was cut short after the news broke that Trump had tested positive for Covid-19, as Pompeo was initially supposed to also visit South Korea and Mongolia. 

Pompeo said he has talked to about half a dozen world leaders over the last few days who have said that they hope Trump will get well and “get well and get healthy.”

CNN reported earlier in the day, however, that the State Department was told that the White House is taking the lead on calls with foreign leaders about Trump’s health, and it is unclear who at the White House is making those calls.


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